Mission statement: To import, breed, raise, train and sell Trakehner horses sound in mind, body and soul, true to the breed ideal in conformation and athleticism, for the purposes of pleasure riding or driving on through national and  international competition.   

Proven Bloodlines for Performance

Northeast Trakehners

Why Northeast Trakehners?

Our website, and particularly the gallery page, contains photographs that will give you a taste of the life we love and lead with our Trakehner horses. We have a tremendous passion for the horses that we study, breed and compete. 
Please feel free to contact us with your questions, comments, stories and photos! 

EXPLORE: It is our intention to educate the Trakehner community with news and links, as we work to develop and compete our Trakehners in an age appropriate manner for potential breeding and/or sale.

EXPLAIN: It is our intention to help nurture and educate prospective clients and to help match them up with their desired Trakehner.

BUY AND SELL: It is our intention to provide a vehicle to engineer a community and support structures on which Northeast Trakehners and Trakehners worldwide can grow. We bring you details on how to breed with our horses or buy horses we have bred and competed. We also are in contact with breeders in Germany that are interested in marketing their Trakehners or other Warmblood breeds in North America.

Please contact us with items that would be interesting to share through Northeast Trakehners. 
TRAKEHNER: A horse that thrives with a cool head, 
intelligence, good form, a unique style and superior strength.