Mission statement: To import, breed, raise, train and sell Trakehner horses sound in mind, body and soul, true to the breed ideal in conformation and athleticism, for the purposes of pleasure riding or driving on through national and  international competition.   

Proven Bloodlines for Performance

Northeast Trakehners

Pr. St. Indira XV​

       Fontainbleau / Mahagoni/ Consul 

            Trakehner family of Isabella

Indira became our foundation mare in 1999.  We were fortunate to establish contact with relatives that had been lost to our family since the end of WWII.  With the reunification of the Germanys the Keunecke family had been able to “buy back” their original family farm lands of about 5000 acres in the Neubrandenburg area, an hour north of Berlin.  The Keunecke brothers moved with families and Matriarch to the farm, bringing the family talents: Agricultural Engineer, Forester, Window and Door Manufacturing Engineer, Real Estate Investment and Appraiser and of course the livestock which happened to include Trakehners of great historic pedigrees and signifigance.  

While we were on an acoustics seminar business trip to Berlin (David was heading the protected species branch at NOAA/NMFSC, studying the ecolocation of Marine Mammals) we decided to visit the Keuneckes and see the progress on the reconstruction of the farm.  The industriousness and success of the farm was astounding.  Knowing that we wanted to ground Northeast Trakehners in the near future we asked if it might be possible to import a youngster.  We were amazed that we were offered not a youngster but an approved broodmare, performance tested and she would be pregnant when imported.  It was becoming a dream come true and our goals were beginning to be realized.

Before departing for home, not only had David agreed to this plan, but I had the opportunity to ride Indira.  It was certainly one of the most remarkable experiences of my life, her lightness, responsiveness, willingness mixed in with her beauty in conformation and Trakehner Type.  

Of course now the work began.... finding the right Stallion for her.

We had long discussions, we wanted to compliment her stellar pedigree and produce offspring that might excel in performance and superiour Trakehner Type.  Would it be Polarunkt, Itaxerxes, or the fairly young Stallion Buddenbrock.  Buddenbrock it became, and Northeast Trakehners was grounded.

Indira had not only been Performance Tested in Telgte but upon agreeing to purchase her, Indira, her dam Irene (by the Century Sire Mahagoni) and her sister Istia were taken to Graditz in 1999 for the Mare show that happens only once every seven years.  Indira won the title of Champion Mare and her family was deemed Champion Mare Family.  Farms from all over Germany and Poland attend this prestigious show and a tremendous honor was bestowed on Indira, her family and the breeding expertise of the Keunecke family.  Indira stems from the Dam line of “Isabella”  This Line has produced not only the 2008 Bundeschampion, Reserve Young Dressage Horse World champion and the 2009 Bronze Medal World Champion Imperio (EH Connery/ Mahagoni) but also Interconti (EH Consul) sire of Zauberfürst, Instergraditz (Bonito XX) sire of show jumper Sir Graditz, and also Idahoe (Abdullah P*g*E) who achieved a 10 for his jumping ability at his approval.

Indira’s Dam, IreneVI was sired by the Century Sire Mahagoni (Pasteur).  Mahagoni not only was Champion Stallion of his Stallion Performance Test but has been determined to be one of the best dressage sires for the Trakehner breed of all times.  Mahagoni not only sired the great Peron (Bronze Medal 1994 Olympic Games) but additionally 8 other approved sons and a great number of signifigant daughters to the Trakehner Stud book.  He was known as a producer of beautiful and athletic horses with great performance potential.

Indira’s sire, Fontainbleau achieved Champion Stallion in Neumünster 1993 and was campaigned from his home at  Hörem, the studfarm of the Family Poll.  Fontainbleau was a remarkable International CCI*** event horse and was only able to bless the Trakehner Breed with his valuable genes until his 12th year.  He contributed such compitition “Kracks” as International Eventer CCI**** and Bundeschampion Kunta Kinte TSF (Trakehner Sport Forderverein Horse), Bundeschampionat Reserve Champion Karama M and approved Stallion and event horse El Greco and the Premium Stallion Albarrano.  From this Mare line also stems the international Grand Prix Dressage Stallion EH Friedensfürst. 

Fontainbleau was Sired by the EH Rockerfeller one of the best sporthorse producers of the Trakehner Breed

Indira has not only produced the ATA approved Stallion Inamorato, currently eventing at Preliminary with Andrew Palmer but also the young Stallion Isamu (Cosmopolit/Fontainbleau) and the young mare Model Mare and Premium Performance tested Independence Rose *M**Pr* (Fandango/Fontainbleau).  We look forward to many more foals from this remarkable Trakehner mare.