Inamorato is a son of the Elite Stallion and Stallion of the Year Buddenbrock (EH Sixtus/Diamant and Sire of EH Connery), and the illustrious Dam Line of Isabella.

His Dam Pr. St. Indira XV (EH Fontainbleau/Century Stallion Mahagoni) achieved Champion Mare at the Mare show in Landgestüt Graditz the year she was imported.  Her Mare Family also was awarded Champion (takes place every 7 years with Trakehners from Europe, Poland and Russia competing).

The dressage phenomenon Imperio is from this same "I" line and is also a grandson of Buddenbrock.  

Inamorato's first four generations can also claim: CCI***Fontainbleau, Habicht, Rockefeller,Mahagoni, Consul.  This line is ruly dressage royalty with a healthy dose of jumping ability thrown in.

Inamorato was foaled on St. Patricks day, 2001, achieved his ATA approval as a 2 year old, the committee commenting: "willing jumper with good technique- relaxed and confident. Excellent temperament with obvious jumping potential. Mares that need type and jumping talent should cross well with this modern young stallion."

We have combined highly athletic lines with beauty, harmony, willingness and Trakehner Type.

Inamorato has many accomplishments: Breed, Hunter Jumper, Dressage shows have produced ribbons and cash with: NEDA, USDF, USEA, USEF, ATA - Champion, Reserve Champion, and Horse of the Year awards.

Currently Inamorato has Evented up to CCI* with Andrew Palmer of Royal Palm Farms (AL) and 2016 will also add FEI Dressage.

A highlight: Red Hills International Horse Trials in March of 2011, where David O'Conner stated: “all horses with Olympic aspirations, have competed at Red Hills.” Inamorato remained 1st with Dressage score of 27.4 over ALL Preliminary divisions and a double clear, powerful cross country round. He completed the Stadium in fourth place with a victory gallop and a nice check.

Many Preliminary Events followed in 2012, Inamorato and Andrew bravely completed (in 96 degree heat his first CCI* in 2012 and the judges comments of "Awesome, Lovely" never disappoint. Inamorato jumps 5'6" with style and ease.

Inamorato's breeding career commenced in 2006 with highest levels of success in primary inseminations producing High Score and Premium Mare Lucinda TL*Pr*, Icon TL, foals out of Hohenstein/Wettsport, Latimer and "All the Gold" mares among others. His foals are elegant partners, eager, true to conformation and type with superior strength in all gaits.

Inamorato is available Fresh Cooled through Royal Palm Farms and Frozen for National, AUS ,NZ  and EU needs through Select Breeders Services and Peterson and Smith

Dressage and Eventing Results

Begin with Most Recent:

11/14/15: Poplar Place Dressage, 3rd Level Test 3, 1st and a 2nd, 63.8%, 64.6%

10/17/15:Poplar Place Dressage: 3rd Level Test 3, 2-1st's 67.8%, 4th Level Test 1: 1st - 67.7%

9/5/15: Poplar Place Dressage: 3rd Level Test 3, 1st and 2nd 61.8-64.1%

Dressage: Poplar Place 11/15/14 3rd Level Test 1 and 2 three 1st's, and 2nd : Scores 61.9-67.8%

5/6/13Chattahoochee HT CCI1* 26th/39starters

2/15/13 Rocking Horse Winter HT: Intermediate: 10th/13starters

2/2/13:Poplar Place HT Intermediate 10th

1/19/13:Poplar Place HT Intermed/Prelim 6th/12starters

11/24/12:Pine Top HT Prelim: 8th /13 entries

7/7/12 Chattahoochee Hills HT Prelim: 10th/22starters

4/11/12: Ocala Horse PropertiesCCI1*

37th place/55 starters

1/21/12:Poplar Place HT Prelim/Training 2nd place/8 starters

10/14 11:USEF 2nd Level Open Test 1 & 2

Ocala Classic Region 3 Ch.: two 2nd's, one 3rd and a 1st place scores 56.8% to 62.8%

Red Hills International HT– 3/10/11                                           4th Place/21 Starters  - Preliminary

Pine Top Spring Advanced HT – 2/25/11                       13th Place/22 Starters – Preliminary

Poplar Place Farm HT – 1/22/11                                     5th Place/17 Starters – Preliminary

Rocking Horse Classic 3-Day - 11/5/10                        

7th Place/11 Starters – Preliminary 

Poplar Place Farm HT – 9/24/10                                 

6th Place/15 Starters – Training Horse

Chattahoochee Hills HT- Area 3 Champ.  – 5/14/10                   

10th Place/21 Starters – Training Horse

FL International CCI**/CCI* 3-Day  - 4/15/10                               4th Place/15 Starters – Training Horse    


2001, 17.ahh 

ATA Trakehner Stallion

EH Buddenbrock/Fontainbleau/Mahagoni

Standing at: Royal Palm Farms

Andrew and Tiffany Palmer

Ch. Breed Show, Ch. Hunter, eventing through CCI*

A pedigree for performance.

Athleticism, grace, and harmony. Proven bloodline and performance.  Only ATA son of Buddenbrock in North America.

$1250 LFG Fresh/Frozen

Mission statement: To import, breed, raise, train and sell Trakehner horses sound in mind, body and soul, true to the breed ideal in conformation and athleticism, for the purposes of pleasure riding or driving on through national and  international competition.   

Northeast Trakehners

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From his rider,

Andrew Palmer...

"Inamorato steps out with a remarkable presence and purpose. His focus under saddle and sensitivity to his rider give the ability to make a plan and execute is with accuracy. Confident, rideable, and powerful in every sense of the word, Inamorato provides all the elements of a sport horse and sire."
Proven Bloodlines for Performance